DeletePrinterDataEx function Null safety winspool

int DeletePrinterDataEx(
  1. int hPrinter,
  2. Pointer<Utf16> pKeyName,
  3. Pointer<Utf16> pValueName

The DeletePrinterDataEx function deletes a specified value from the configuration data for a printer. A printer's configuration data consists of a set of named and typed values stored in a hierarchy of registry keys. The function deletes a specified value under a specified key.

DWORD DeletePrinterDataExW(
  _In_ HANDLE  hPrinter,
  _In_ LPCTSTR pKeyName,
  _In_ LPCTSTR pValueName


int DeletePrinterDataEx(
        int hPrinter, Pointer<Utf16> pKeyName, Pointer<Utf16> pValueName) =>
    _DeletePrinterDataEx(hPrinter, pKeyName, pValueName);