CreateIoCompletionPort function Null safety kernel32

int CreateIoCompletionPort(
  1. int FileHandle,
  2. int ExistingCompletionPort,
  3. int CompletionKey,
  4. int NumberOfConcurrentThreads

Creates an input/output (I/O) completion port and associates it with a specified file handle, or creates an I/O completion port that is not yet associated with a file handle, allowing association at a later time.

HANDLE CreateIoCompletionPort(
  HANDLE    FileHandle,
  HANDLE    ExistingCompletionPort,
  ULONG_PTR CompletionKey,
  DWORD     NumberOfConcurrentThreads


int CreateIoCompletionPort(int FileHandle, int ExistingCompletionPort,
        int CompletionKey, int NumberOfConcurrentThreads) =>
    _CreateIoCompletionPort(FileHandle, ExistingCompletionPort, CompletionKey,