CreateDialogIndirectParam function Null safety user32

int CreateDialogIndirectParam(
  1. int hInstance,
  2. Pointer<DLGTEMPLATE> lpTemplate,
  3. int hWndParent,
  4. Pointer<NativeFunction<DlgProc>> lpDialogFunc,
  5. int dwInitParam

Creates a modeless dialog box from a dialog box template in memory. Before displaying the dialog box, the function passes an application-defined value to the dialog box procedure as the lParam parameter of the WM_INITDIALOG message. An application can use this value to initialize dialog box controls.

HWND CreateDialogIndirectParamW(
  HINSTANCE       hInstance,
  HWND            hWndParent,
  DLGPROC         lpDialogFunc,
  LPARAM          dwInitParam


int CreateDialogIndirectParam(
        int hInstance,
        Pointer<DLGTEMPLATE> lpTemplate,
        int hWndParent,
        Pointer<NativeFunction<DlgProc>> lpDialogFunc,
        int dwInitParam) =>
        hInstance, lpTemplate, hWndParent, lpDialogFunc, dwInitParam);