CopyAcceleratorTable function Null safety user32

int CopyAcceleratorTable(
  1. int hAccelSrc,
  2. Pointer<ACCEL> lpAccelDst,
  3. int cAccelEntries

Copies the specified accelerator table. This function is used to obtain the accelerator-table data that corresponds to an accelerator-table handle, or to determine the size of the accelerator-table data.

int CopyAcceleratorTableW(
  HACCEL  hAccelSrc,
  LPACCEL lpAccelDst,
  int     cAccelEntries


int CopyAcceleratorTable(
    int hAccelSrc, Pointer<ACCEL> lpAccelDst, int cAccelEntries) {
  final _CopyAcceleratorTable = _user32.lookupFunction<
      Int32 Function(
          IntPtr hAccelSrc, Pointer<ACCEL> lpAccelDst, Int32 cAccelEntries),
      int Function(int hAccelSrc, Pointer<ACCEL> lpAccelDst,
          int cAccelEntries)>('CopyAcceleratorTableW');
  return _CopyAcceleratorTable(hAccelSrc, lpAccelDst, cAccelEntries);