CoWaitForMultipleObjects function ole32

int CoWaitForMultipleObjects(
  1. int dwFlags,
  2. int dwTimeout,
  3. int cHandles,
  4. Pointer<IntPtr> pHandles,
  5. Pointer<Uint32> lpdwindex

A replacement for CoWaitForMultipleHandles. This replacement API hides the options for CoWaitForMultipleHandles that are not supported in ASTA.

HRESULT CoWaitForMultipleObjects(
  DWORD        dwFlags,
  DWORD        dwTimeout,
  ULONG        cHandles,
  const HANDLE *pHandles,
  LPDWORD      lpdwindex


int CoWaitForMultipleObjects(int dwFlags, int dwTimeout, int cHandles,
        Pointer<IntPtr> pHandles, Pointer<Uint32> lpdwindex) =>
        dwFlags, dwTimeout, cHandles, pHandles, lpdwindex);