CoSetProxyBlanket function ole32

int CoSetProxyBlanket(
  1. Pointer<COMObject> pProxy,
  2. int dwAuthnSvc,
  3. int dwAuthzSvc,
  4. Pointer<Utf16> pServerPrincName,
  5. int dwAuthnLevel,
  6. int dwImpLevel,
  7. Pointer<NativeType> pAuthInfo,
  8. int dwCapabilities

Sets the authentication information that will be used to make calls on the specified proxy. This is a helper function for IClientSecurity::SetBlanket.

HRESULT CoSetProxyBlanket(
  IUnknown                 *pProxy,
  DWORD                    dwAuthnSvc,
  DWORD                    dwAuthzSvc,
  OLECHAR                  *pServerPrincName,
  DWORD                    dwAuthnLevel,
  DWORD                    dwImpLevel,
  DWORD                    dwCapabilities


int CoSetProxyBlanket(
        Pointer<COMObject> pProxy,
        int dwAuthnSvc,
        int dwAuthzSvc,
        Pointer<Utf16> pServerPrincName,
        int dwAuthnLevel,
        int dwImpLevel,
        Pointer pAuthInfo,
        int dwCapabilities) =>
    _CoSetProxyBlanket(pProxy, dwAuthnSvc, dwAuthzSvc, pServerPrincName,
        dwAuthnLevel, dwImpLevel, pAuthInfo, dwCapabilities);