CoGetClassObject function Null safety ole32

int CoGetClassObject(
  1. Pointer<GUID> rclsid,
  2. int dwClsContext,
  3. Pointer<NativeType> pvReserved,
  4. Pointer<GUID> riid,
  5. Pointer<Pointer<NativeType>> ppv

Provides a pointer to an interface on a class object associated with a specified CLSID. CoGetClassObject locates, and if necessary, dynamically loads the executable code required to do this.

HRESULT CoGetClassObject(
  REFCLSID rclsid,
  DWORD    dwClsContext,
  LPVOID   pvReserved,
  REFIID   riid,
  LPVOID   *ppv


int CoGetClassObject(Pointer<GUID> rclsid, int dwClsContext, Pointer pvReserved,
        Pointer<GUID> riid, Pointer<Pointer> ppv) =>
    _CoGetClassObject(rclsid, dwClsContext, pvReserved, riid, ppv);