ChangeDisplaySettingsEx function Null safety user32

int ChangeDisplaySettingsEx(
  1. Pointer<Utf16> lpszDeviceName,
  2. Pointer<DEVMODE> lpDevMode,
  3. int hwnd,
  4. int dwflags,
  5. Pointer<NativeType> lParam

The ChangeDisplaySettingsEx function changes the settings of the specified display device to the specified graphics mode.

LONG ChangeDisplaySettingsExW(
  LPCWSTR  lpszDeviceName,
  DEVMODEW *lpDevMode,
  HWND     hwnd,
  DWORD    dwflags,
  LPVOID   lParam


int ChangeDisplaySettingsEx(Pointer<Utf16> lpszDeviceName,
        Pointer<DEVMODE> lpDevMode, int hwnd, int dwflags, Pointer lParam) =>
    _ChangeDisplaySettingsEx(lpszDeviceName, lpDevMode, hwnd, dwflags, lParam);