CallNamedPipe function Null safety kernel32

int CallNamedPipe(
  1. Pointer<Utf16> lpNamedPipeName,
  2. Pointer<NativeType> lpInBuffer,
  3. int nInBufferSize,
  4. Pointer<NativeType> lpOutBuffer,
  5. int nOutBufferSize,
  6. Pointer<Uint32> lpBytesRead,
  7. int nTimeOut

Connects to a message-type pipe (and waits if an instance of the pipe is not available), writes to and reads from the pipe, and then closes the pipe.

BOOL CallNamedPipeW(
  LPCWSTR lpNamedPipeName,
  LPVOID  lpInBuffer,
  DWORD   nInBufferSize,
  LPVOID  lpOutBuffer,
  DWORD   nOutBufferSize,
  LPDWORD lpBytesRead,
  DWORD   nTimeOut


int CallNamedPipe(
        Pointer<Utf16> lpNamedPipeName,
        Pointer lpInBuffer,
        int nInBufferSize,
        Pointer lpOutBuffer,
        int nOutBufferSize,
        Pointer<Uint32> lpBytesRead,
        int nTimeOut) =>
    _CallNamedPipe(lpNamedPipeName, lpInBuffer, nInBufferSize, lpOutBuffer,
        nOutBufferSize, lpBytesRead, nTimeOut);