CalculatePopupWindowPosition function Null safety user32

int CalculatePopupWindowPosition(
  1. Pointer<POINT> anchorPoint,
  2. Pointer<SIZE> windowSize,
  3. int flags,
  4. Pointer<RECT> excludeRect,
  5. Pointer<RECT> popupWindowPosition

Calculates an appropriate pop-up window position using the specified anchor point, pop-up window size, flags, and the optional exclude rectangle. When the specified pop-up window size is smaller than the desktop window size, use the CalculatePopupWindowPosition function to ensure that the pop-up window is fully visible on the desktop window, regardless of the specified anchor point.

BOOL CalculatePopupWindowPosition(
  const POINT *anchorPoint,
  const SIZE  *windowSize,
  UINT        flags,
  RECT        *excludeRect,
  RECT        *popupWindowPosition


int CalculatePopupWindowPosition(
        Pointer<POINT> anchorPoint,
        Pointer<SIZE> windowSize,
        int flags,
        Pointer<RECT> excludeRect,
        Pointer<RECT> popupWindowPosition) =>
        anchorPoint, windowSize, flags, excludeRect, popupWindowPosition);