BluetoothEnableDiscovery function Null safety bthprops

int BluetoothEnableDiscovery(
  1. int hRadio,
  2. int fEnabled

The BluetoothEnableDiscovery function changes the discovery state of a local Bluetooth radio or radios.

BOOL BluetoothEnableDiscovery(
  HANDLE hRadio,
  BOOL   fEnabled


int BluetoothEnableDiscovery(int hRadio, int fEnabled) {
  final _BluetoothEnableDiscovery = _bthprops.lookupFunction<
      Int32 Function(IntPtr hRadio, Int32 fEnabled),
      int Function(int hRadio, int fEnabled)>('BluetoothEnableDiscovery');
  return _BluetoothEnableDiscovery(hRadio, fEnabled);