AdjustWindowRectEx function Null safety user32

int AdjustWindowRectEx(
  1. Pointer<RECT> lpRect,
  2. int dwStyle,
  3. int bMenu,
  4. int dwExStyle

Calculates the required size of the window rectangle, based on the desired size of the client rectangle. The window rectangle can then be passed to the CreateWindowEx function to create a window whose client area is the desired size.

BOOL AdjustWindowRectEx(
  LPRECT lpRect,
  DWORD  dwStyle,
  BOOL   bMenu,
  DWORD  dwExStyle


int AdjustWindowRectEx(
        Pointer<RECT> lpRect, int dwStyle, int bMenu, int dwExStyle) =>
    _AdjustWindowRectEx(lpRect, dwStyle, bMenu, dwExStyle);