ActivateKeyboardLayout function Null safety user32

int ActivateKeyboardLayout(
  1. int hkl,
  2. int Flags

Sets the input locale identifier (formerly called the keyboard layout handle) for the calling thread or the current process. The input locale identifier specifies a locale as well as the physical layout of the keyboard.

HKL ActivateKeyboardLayout(
  HKL  hkl,
  UINT Flags


int ActivateKeyboardLayout(int hkl, int Flags) {
  final _ActivateKeyboardLayout = _user32.lookupFunction<
      IntPtr Function(IntPtr hkl, Uint32 Flags),
      int Function(int hkl, int Flags)>('ActivateKeyboardLayout');
  return _ActivateKeyboardLayout(hkl, Flags);