Plugin Flutter which can handle WiFi connections (AP, STA)

Becareful, some commands as no effect on iOS because Apple don't let us to do whatever we want...

WiFi connections

Enabling / Disabling WiFi module:white_check_mark::x:
Getting WiFi status:white_check_mark::x:
Scanning for networks, with "already-associated" flag:white_check_mark::x:
Connecting / Disconnecting on a network in WPA / WEP:white_check_mark::white_check_mark:(1)
Registering / Unregistering a WiFi network:white_check_mark::warning:(2)
Getting informations like ::white_check_mark::warning:(3)
- SSID:white_check_mark::white_check_mark:
- BSSID:white_check_mark::x:
- Current signal strength:white_check_mark::x:
- Frequency:white_check_mark::x:
- IP:white_check_mark::question:(4)

:white_check_mark:(1) : On iOS, you can only disconnect from a network which has been added by your app. In order to disconnect from a system network, you have to connect to an other!

:warning:(2) : On iOS, you can forget a WiFi network by connecting to it with the joinOnce flag to true!

:warning:(3) : On iOS, you can just getting the SSID, or maybe(probably) I'm missing something!

:question:(4) : I think there is a way to get the IP address but for now, this is not implemented..

Access Point

Getting the status of the Access Point (Disable, disabling, enable, enabling, failed):white_check_mark::x:
Enabling / Disabling Access Point:white_check_mark::x:
Getting / Setting new credentials (SSID / Password):white_check_mark::x:
Enabling / Disabling the visibility of the SSID Access Point:white_check_mark::x:
Getting the clients list (IP, BSSID, Device, Reachable):white_check_mark::x:
Handling the MAC filtering:sos::x:

For now, there is no way to set the access point on iOS...

Xcode build (iOS >= 8.0)

To be able to build with Xcode, you must specify use_frameworks! in your Podfile to allow building Swift into static libraries.


Don't hesitate and come here, we will be happy to help you!