Plugin Flutter which can handle WiFi connections (AP, STA)

Becareful, some commands as no effect on iOS because Apple don't let us to do whatever we want...

WiFi connections

Enabling / Disabling WiFi module:warning:(5):x:
Getting WiFi status:white_check_mark::x:
Scanning for networks, with "already-associated" flag:white_check_mark::x:
Connecting / Disconnecting on a network in WPA / WEP:white_check_mark:(6):white_check_mark:(1)
Registering / Unregistering a WiFi network:warning:(7):warning:(2)
Getting informations like ::white_check_mark::warning:(3)
- SSID:white_check_mark::white_check_mark:
- BSSID:white_check_mark::x:
- Current signal strength:white_check_mark::x:
- Frequency:white_check_mark::x:
- IP:white_check_mark::question:(4)

:white_check_mark:(1) : On iOS, you can only disconnect from a network which has been added by your app. In order to disconnect from a system network, you have to connect to an other!

:warning:(2) : On iOS, you can forget a WiFi network by connecting to it with the joinOnce flag to true!

:warning:(3) : On iOS, you can just getting the SSID, or maybe(probably) I'm missing something!

:question:(4) : I think there is a way to get the IP address but for now, this is not implemented..

:warning:(5): On Android SDK >= 29, this is deprecated and will always fail (except DO, PO and system apps). [docs]

:white_check_mark:(6): On Android SDK >= 29, WEP security is deprecated and will always fail, also the network will be disconnected when the app is closed. [docs]. If permanent network is required(Check :warning:(7)), there is a way but that network will not be controlled by the app, it will be as if user is adding the network manually, not supported as of now, open issue if you want this feature.

:warning:(7) On Android SDK >=29, this is deprecated. Although there could be ways for user to be sent to Settings App for registering only(pre-filled) but not supported as of now.

Access Point

Getting the status of the Access Point (Disable, disabling, enable, enabling, failed):white_check_mark::x:
Enabling / Disabling Access Point:white_check_mark::x:
Getting / Setting new credentials (SSID / Password):white_check_mark::x:
Enabling / Disabling the visibility of the SSID Access Point:white_check_mark::x:
Getting the clients list (IP, BSSID, Device, Reachable):white_check_mark::x:
Handling the MAC filtering:sos::x:

For now, there is no way to set the access point on iOS...

Xcode build (iOS >= 8.0)

To be able to build with Xcode, you must specify use_frameworks! in your Podfile to allow building Swift into static libraries.


Don't hesitate and come here, we will be happy to help you!