Plugin Flutter which can handle WiFi connections (AP, STA)

Becareful, some commands as no effect on iOS because Apple don't let us to do whatever we want...

WiFi connections

Enabling / Disabling WiFi module:warning:(5a):x:
Getting WiFi status:white_check_mark::x:
Scanning for networks, with "already-associated" flag:white_check_mark::x:
Connecting / Disconnecting on a network in WPA / WEP:white_check_mark:(5b):white_check_mark:(1)
Registering / Unregistering a WiFi network:white_check_mark:(5c):warning:(2)
Getting informations like ::white_check_mark::warning:(3)
- SSID:white_check_mark::white_check_mark:
- BSSID:white_check_mark::x:
- Current signal strength:white_check_mark::x:
- Frequency:white_check_mark::x:
- IP:white_check_mark::question:(4)

:white_check_mark:(1) : On iOS, you can only disconnect from a network which has been added by your app. In order to disconnect from a system network, you have to connect to an other!

:warning:(2) : On iOS, you can forget a WiFi network by connecting to it with the joinOnce flag to true!

:warning:(3) : On iOS, you can just getting the SSID, or maybe(probably) I'm missing something!

:question:(4) : I think there is a way to get the IP address but for now, this is not implemented..

:warning:(5): Wifi API changes in Android SDK >= 29, restricts certain behaviour:

  • a. Enable/Disable Wifi Module is deprecated and will always fail [docs]. If you want to open "Wifi Setting" in that case then, set the shouldOpenSettings: true when calling setEnabled.
  • b. For Connecting to Wifi, WEP security is deprecated and will always fail, also the network will be disconnected when the app is closed (if permanent network is required(Check :warning:(5c)), use "Register Network" feature) [docs)]. By default the connection would not have internet access, to connect to network with internet user withInternet which is a different API underneath (this API will not disconnect to network after app closes) [docs].
  • c. Registering Wifi Network, will require user approval - and the network saved would not be controlled by the app (for deletion, updation, etc) [docs];

Additional Wifi protocols on Android side like - Wifi Direct, Wifi Aware, etc are in active discussion at #140. Encourage you to engage if you want this features.

Access Point

Getting the status of the Access Point (Disable, disabling, enable, enabling, failed):warning:(1b):x:
Enabling / Disabling Access Point:white_check_mark:(1c):x:
Getting / Setting new credentials (SSID / Password):warning:(1b):x:
Enabling / Disabling the visibility of the SSID Access Point:warning:(1a):x:
Getting the clients list (IP, BSSID, Device, Reachable):warning:(1a):x:
Handling the MAC filtering:sos::x:

:warning:(1): Wifi API changes in Android SDK 26 and 29, restricts certain behaviour:

  • a. This has been deprecated and will always fail for >= 26 Android SDK.
  • b. This has been deprecated and will always fail for >= 26 Android SDK. There is a way to make "get" methods work for >= 29 Android SDK, but is currently not implemented, request these features if you need them at #134.
  • c. Uses startLocalOnlyHotspot API to request enabling or disabling WiFi AP for >= 29 Android SDK. This can only be used to communicate between co-located devices connected to the created WiFi Hotspot. Note -
    • (i) Enabling and Disabling WiFi AP needs to request location permission.
    • (ii) The network created by this method will not have Internet access.
    • (iii) There's no way for the user to set WiFi AP's SSID and Passphrase, they are automatically generated by the OS.
    • (iv) This is actually a "request" and not a "command", as the LocalOnlyHotspot is shared (potentially) across applications and therefore a request to enable/disable may not not necessarily trigger the immediate execution of it.

For now, there is no way to set the access point on iOS...

Xcode build (iOS >= 8.0)

To be able to build with Xcode, you must specify use_frameworks! in your Podfile to allow building Swift into static libraries.


Don't hesitate and come here, we will be happy to help you!