Flutter WeChat Camera Picker

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A camera picker which is an extension for wechat_assets_picker. Based on camera for camera functions and photo_manager for asset implementation.

Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Alex Li

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This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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Features ✨

  • x 💚 99% simillar to WeChat style.
  • x 📷 Picture taking support
  • x 🎥 Video recording support
    • x ⏱ Duration limitation support

Screenshots 📸

Preparing for use 🍭


Usage 📖

NameTypeDescriptionDefault Value
isAllowRecordingboolWhether the picker can record video.false
isOnlyAllowRecordingboolWhether the picker can only record video. Only available when isAllowRecording is true.false
enableAudioboolWhether Whether the picker should record audio. Only available with recording.true
maximumRecordingDurationDurationThe maximum duration of the video recording process.const Duration(seconds: 15)
themeThemeDataTheme data for the picker.CameraPicker.themeData(C.themeColor)
textDelegateCameraPickerTextDelegateText delegate that controls text in widgets.DefaultCameraPickerTextDelegate
resolutionPresetResolutionPresetPresent resolution for the camera.ResolutionPreset.max
cameraQuarterTurnsintThe number of clockwise quarter turns the camera view should be rotated.0

Simple usage

final AssetEntity entity = await CameraPicker.pickFromCamera(context);

After called and the picker displayed, plus isAllowRecording is true, tap the shooting button to take a picture, long press the shooting button to record a video.