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Any easy-to-use library for communicating with WebSockets that has multiple implementations.

Why another WebSocket package?

The goal of package:web_socket is to provide a simple, well-defined WebSockets interface that has consistent behavior across implementations.

package:web_socket_channel is currently the most popular WebSocket package. It has two implementations, one based on package:web and the other based on dart:io WebSocket. But those implementations do not have consistent behavior.

WebSocket currently has three implementations (with more on the way) that all pass the same set of conformance tests:


import 'package:web_socket/web_socket.dart';

void main() async {
  final socket =
      await WebSocket.connect(Uri.parse('wss://')); async {
    switch (e) {
      case TextDataReceived(text: final text):
        print('Received Text: $text');
        await socket.close();
      case BinaryDataReceived(data: final data):
        print('Received Binary: $data');
      case CloseReceived(code: final code, reason: final reason):
        print('Connection to server closed: $code [$reason]');

  socket.sendText('Hello Dart WebSockets! 🎉');

Status: experimental

NOTE: This package is currently experimental and published under the pub publisher in order to solicit feedback.

For packages in the publisher we generally plan to either graduate the package into a supported publisher (, after a period of feedback and iteration, or discontinue the package. These packages have a much higher expected rate of API and breaking changes.

Your feedback is valuable and will help us evolve this package. For general feedback, suggestions, and comments, please file an issue in the bug tracker.