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Unpub is a self-hosted private Dart Pub server for Enterprise, with a simple web interface to search and view packages information.



Usage via command line

pub global activate unpub
unpub --database mongodb://localhost:27017/dart_pub # Replace this with production database uri

Unpub use mongodb as meta information store and file system as package(tarball) store by default.

Dart API is also available for further customization.

Usage via Dart API


import 'package:unpub/unpub.dart' as unpub;

main(List<String> args) async {
  var basedir = '/path/to/basedir'; // Base directory to save pacakges
  var db = 'mongodb://localhost:27017/dart_pub'; // MongoDB uri

  var metaStore = unpub.MongoStore(db);
  await metaStore.db.open();

  var packageStore = unpub.FileStore(basedir);

  var app = unpub.App(
    metaStore: metaStore,
    packageStore: packageStore,

  var server = await app.serve('', 4000);
  print('Serving at http://${server.address.host}:${server.port}');


metaStore (Required)Meta information store-
packageStore (Required)Package(tarball) store-
upstreamUpstream urlhttps://pub.dev
googleapisProxyHttp(s) proxy to call googleapis (to get uploader email)-
overrideUploaderEmailIf specified, unpub will use this email as uploader instead of requesting googleapis-
uploadValidatorSee Package validator-

Package validator

Naming conflicts is a common issue for private registry. A reasonable solution is to add prefix to reduce conflict probability.

With uploadValidator you could check if uploaded package is valid.

var app = unpub.App(
  // ...
  uploadValidator: (Map<String, dynamic> pubspec, String uploaderEmail) {
    // Only allow packages with some specified prefixes to be uploaded
    var prefix = 'my_awesome_prefix_';
    var name = pubspec['name'] as String;
    if (!name.startsWith(prefix)) {
      throw 'Package name should starts with $prefix';

    // Also, you can check if uploader email is valid
    if (!uploaderEmail.endsWith('@your-company.com')) {
      throw 'Uploader email invalid';

Customize meta and package store

Unpub is designed to be extensible. It is quite easy to customize your own meta store and package store.

import 'package:unpub/unpub.dart' as unpub;

class MyAwesomeMetaStore extends unpub.MetaStore {
  // Implement methods of MetaStore abstract class
  // ...

class MyAwesomePackageStore extends unpub.PackageStore {
  // Implement methods of PackageStore abstract class
  // ...

// Then use it
var app = unpub.App(
  metaStore: MyAwesomeMetaStore(),
  packageStore: MyAwesomePackageStore(),


/badge/v/{package_name}badge example badge example
/badge/d/{package_name}badge example


  • pub-dev: Source code of pub.dev, which should be deployed at Google Cloud Platform.
  • pub_server: An alpha version of pub server provided by Dart team.