twicon helps to integrate TW Icon Fonts, into your Flutter apps,

TW Icon Fonts consist of free icons covering topics like sights, products, traffic and so on. They let you to promote your favorite places and cuisines in Taiwan easily.

The icons are designed by a Japanese designer, holoko, and an English designer Rob. They are both living in Taiwan right now. For further information, please visit TW Icon Fonts.

A Flutter example web app is available at

Traditional Chinese

twicon 套件可以讓您將 TW Icon Fonts 輕鬆整合到到您的 Flutter app 當中。

TW Icon Fonts 一套以台灣為主題的免費圖示,包含了屬於台灣風景、交通、本土產品的各 種圖示,從以下網頁中可以看到完整列表。 這套圖示是由兩位居住在台灣的日本設計師 holiko 以及英國設計師 Rob 所設計,更多相關資訊, 請參見 TW Icon Fonts 的頁面 上面,也提供了以 Flutter Web 製作的範例。


Adds twicon to your pubspec file, run futter packages get, then you can import the package:

import 'package:twicon/twicon.dart';

Then you can use these icons in widgets like Icon, IconButton and so on:


You can also run the example project, to view the icons included.



The free icons of Taiwan.