trex library Null safety

T-Rex : Copyright 2021 : Aldrin Mathew


This library is licensed under the AAF Dependable License 1.0. You are allowed to use this library as a dependency in your project(s) WITHOUT having to release/make available your own project(s) under the same license.

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Hook<T> gives the developer, the power of hooks to be used in their application. [...]
Hookable The immutable class that facilitates the use of Hooks in the simplest way possible by providing a new Widget implementation. [...]
HookableElement The Element corresponding to the Hookable widget. This Element is used by the framework to maintain the Hookable widget in the widget tree. [...]
Hookful<T> gives the developer, the power of hooks to be used in a StatefulWidget. [...]
Tx<T> is a Trackable variable that can used to set callbacks which can be called before and after changes are made to the variable. [...]