TRTCCloud class Null safety

Main API class for the TRTC video call feature




hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.


callExperimentalAPI(String jsonStr) Future<void>
Call experimental APIs
connectOtherRoom(String param) Future<void>
Request cross-room call (anchor competition)
disconnectOtherRoom() Future<void>
Exit cross-room call
enableAudioVolumeEvaluation(int intervalMs) Future<void>
Enable volume reminder
enableCustomVideoProcess(bool enable) Future<int?>
enableEncSmallVideoStream(bool enable, TRTCVideoEncParam smallVideoEncParam) Future<int?>
Enable dual-channel encoding mode with big and small images
enterRoom(TRTCParams param, int scene) Future<void>
Enter room
exitRoom() Future<void>
Exit room
getAudioCaptureVolume() Future<int?>
Get SDK capturing volume
getAudioEffectManager() TXAudioEffectManager
Get sound effect management class TXAudioEffectManager
getAudioPlayoutVolume() Future<int?>
Get SDK playback volume
getBeautyManager() TXBeautyManager
Get beauty filter management object
getDeviceManager() TXDeviceManager
Get device management module
getSDKVersion() Future<String?>
Get SDK version information
muteAllRemoteAudio(bool mute) Future<void>
Mute/Unmute all users' audio
muteAllRemoteVideoStreams(bool mute) Future<void>
Pause/Resume receiving all remote video streams
muteLocalAudio(bool mute) Future<void>
Mute/Unmute local audio
muteLocalVideo(bool mute) Future<void>
Pause/Resume pushing local video data
muteRemoteAudio(String userId, bool mute) Future<void>
Mute/Unmute the specified remote user's audio
muteRemoteVideoStream(String userId, bool mute) Future<void>
Pause/Resume receiving specified remote video stream
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.
pauseScreenCapture() Future<void>
Pause screen sharing
registerListener(ListenerValue func) → void
Set an event listener, through which users can get various status notifications from TRTCCloud
resumeScreenCapture() Future<void>
Resume screen sharing
sendCustomCmdMsg(int cmdID, String data, bool reliable, bool ordered) Future<bool?>
Send custom message to all users in the room
sendSEIMsg(String data, int repeatCount) Future<bool?>
Embed custom data of a small size in video frames
setAudioCaptureVolume(int volume) Future<void>
Set SDK capturing volume
setAudioPlayoutVolume(int volume) Future<void>
Set SDK playback volume
setConsoleEnabled(bool enabled) Future<void>
Enable or disable console log printing
setDefaultStreamRecvMode(bool autoRecvAudio, bool autoRecvVideo) Future<void>
Set audio/video data reception mode, which must be set before room entry for it to take effect
setGSensorMode(int mode) Future<void>
Set the adaptation mode of the G-sensor
setLocalRenderParams(TRTCRenderParams renderParams) Future<void>
Set the rendering mode of local image
setLocalVideoRenderListener(CustomLocalRender param) Future<int?>
Start the custom rendering of local video with external texture
setLogCompressEnabled(bool enabled) Future<void>
Enable or disable local log compression
setLogDirPath(String path) Future<void>
Modify log storage path
setLogLevel(int level) Future<void>
Set log output level
setMixTranscodingConfig(TRTCTranscodingConfig? config) Future<void>
Set On-Cloud MixTranscoding parameters
setNetworkQosParam(TRTCNetworkQosParam param) Future<void>
Set QoS parameters
setRemoteAudioVolume(String userId, int volume) Future<void>
Set the playback volume of the specified remote user
setRemoteRenderParams(String userId, int streamType, TRTCRenderParams renderParams) Future<void>
Set remote image parameters
setRemoteVideoRenderListener(CustomRemoteRender param) Future<int?>
Start custom video rendering with external texture
setRemoteVideoStreamType(String userId, int streamType) Future<int?>
Select whether to view the big or small image of the specified uid
setVideoEncoderMirror(bool mirror) Future<void>
Set the mirror mode of image output by encoder
setVideoEncoderParam(TRTCVideoEncParam param) Future<void>
Set video encoder parameters
setVideoEncoderRotation(int rotation) Future<void>
Set the direction of image output by video encoder (i.e., video image viewed by remote user and recorded by server)
setVideoMuteImage(String? assetUrl, int fps) Future<int?>
Set the image to be pushed when the local video pushing is paused
setWatermark(String assetUrl, int streamType, double x, double y, double width) Future<void>
Add watermark
showDebugView(int showType) Future<void>
Display dashboard
snapshotVideo(String? userId, int streamType, String path) Future<void>
Screencapture video
startAudioRecording(TRTCAudioRecordingParams param) Future<int?>
Start audio recording
startLocalAudio(int quality) Future<void>
Enable local audio capturing and upstreaming and set audio quality
startLocalPreview(bool frontCamera, int? viewId) Future<void>
Enable the preview image of local video
startLocalRecording(TRTCLocalRecordingParams param) Future<void>
Start local media recording
startPublishCDNStream(TRTCPublishCDNParam param) Future<void>
Start relaying to the live streaming CDN of another cloud
startPublishing(String streamId, int streamType) Future<void>
Start pushing to Tencent Cloud CSS CDN
startRemoteView(String userId, int streamType, int? viewId) Future<void>
Display remote video image or substream
startScreenCapture(int streamType, TRTCVideoEncParam encParams, {String shareUserId = '', String shareUserSig = '', String appGroup = ''}) Future<void>
Start desktop screen sharing
startSpeedTest(int sdkAppId, String userId, String userSig) Future<void>
Start network speed testing, which should be avoided during video calls to ensure call quality
stopAllRemoteView() Future<void>
Stop displaying all remote video images and pulling the video data streams of all remote users
stopAudioRecording() Future<void>
Stop audio recording
stopLocalAudio() Future<void>
Disable local audio capturing and upstreaming
stopLocalPreview() Future<void>
Stop local video capturing and preview
stopLocalRecording() Future<void>
Stop local media recording
stopPublishCDNStream() Future<void>
Stop relaying to non-Tencent Cloud address
stopPublishing() Future<void>
Stop pushing to Tencent Cloud CSS CDN
stopRemoteView(String userId, int streamType) Future<void>
Stop displaying remote video image and pulling the video data stream of remote user
stopScreenCapture() Future<void>
Stop screen capture
stopSpeedTest() Future<void>
Stop server speed test
switchRole(int role) Future<void>
Switch roles (applicable only to the live streaming scenarios TRTC_APP_SCENE_LIVE and TRTC_APP_SCENE_VOICE_CHATROOM)
switchRoom(TRTCSwitchRoomConfig config) Future<void>
Switch room
toString() String
A string representation of this object.
unRegisterListener(ListenerValue func) → void
Remove message listener
unregisterTexture(int textureID) Future<void>
Unregister texture
updateLocalView(int viewId) Future<void>
Update the preview image of local video
updateRemoteView(String userId, int streamType, int viewId) Future<void>
Update the window of remote video image


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.

Static Properties

listener ↔ TRTCCloudListenerObj?
read / write

Static Methods

destroySharedInstance() Future<void>
Terminate a TRTCCloud singleton
getPlatformVersion() Future<String?>
sharedInstance() Future<TRTCCloud?>
Create a TRTCCloud singleton