Dart package exposing Tailwind Colors to be used in flutter in a way similar to the Material colors.


  1. Add to your pubspec.yaml file:
    tailwind_colors: ^0.3.1
  1. Get the package via your IDE or via the command line by typing:
$ pub get
  1. Import the tailwind_colors package
import 'package:tailwind_colors/tailwind_colors.dart';

How to Use

Tailwind Colors can be created and used in the same way as the usual Material color palette.

    // TWColors has shades starting from 100 up to 900 in increment of 100
    Color myColor = TWColors.gray.shade100;
    Color mySecondColor = TWColors.blue.shade900;

TWColors features:

  • gray
  • red
  • orange
  • yellow
  • green
  • teal
  • blue
  • indigo
  • purple
  • pink

This package also features the TailwindUI color palette as well as the Tailwind 2.0 palette which can both be accessed similarly:

    Color myTailwindUIColor = TWUIColors.cool_gray.shade50;
    Color myTailwindTwoColor = TWTwoColors.fuchsia.shade50;

TWUIColors features all the TailwindUI counterparts to the normal Tailwind colors with the addition of:

  • The cool_gray color
  • An additional shade50 shade

TWTwoColors features the Tailwind 2.0 color palette:

Use as a theme

Every colors from the TWTwoColors and the TWUIColors palettes can be used.

return MaterialApp(
      title: 'Flutter Demo',
      theme: ThemeData(
        primarySwatch: TWTwoColors.fuschia.asMaterialColor,
      home: MyHomePage(
          title: 'Flutter Demo Home Page',
          onPress: () => setNewSwatch(


  • Create a parser for tailwind configuration files. You can find a helpful script from albemala in the scripts folder.
  • X Make it possible to use the color swatch as is. (Like in ThemeData)