selectionMode property Null safety

DateRangePickerSelectionMode selectionMode

Defines the selection mode for SfDateRangePicker.

Defaults to DateRangePickerSelectionMode.single.

Also refer DateRangePickerSelectionMode.

different type of selection mode in date range picker

Note: If it set as Range or MultiRange, the navigation through swiping will be restricted by default and the navigation between views can be achieved by using the navigation arrows in header view.

If it is set as Range or MultiRange and also the DateRangePickerMonthViewSettings.enableSwipeSelection set as false the navigation through swiping will work as it is without any restriction.

See also:

 Widget build(BuildContext context) {
   return MaterialApp(
     home: Scaffold(
       body: SfDateRangePicker(
         view: DateRangePickerView.month,
         selectionMode: DateRangePickerSelectionMode.range,
         minDate: DateTime(2019, 02, 05),
         maxDate: DateTime(2021, 12, 06),


final DateRangePickerSelectionMode selectionMode;