showTrailingAndLeadingDates property Null safety

bool showTrailingAndLeadingDates

Makes the SfDateRangePicker month view leading and trailing dates visible.

Defaults to false.

Note: This property not applicable when the SfDateRangePicker.pickerMode set as DateRangePickerMode.hijri.

See also:

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
   return MaterialApp(
     home: Scaffold(
       body: SfDateRangePicker(
         controller: _pickerController,
         view: DateRangePickerView.month,
        selectionMode: DateRangePickerSelectionMode.range,
         monthViewSettings: DateRangePickerMonthViewSettings(
             showTrailingAndLeadingDates: true),


final bool showTrailingAndLeadingDates;