ValueStreamExtensions<T> extension Null safety



combined<R, O>(ValueStream<O> other, R combiner(T? self, O? other)) ValueStream<R>
Combines another stream.
combinedUnresolved<R, O>(ValueStream<O> other, Resolvable<R?> combiner(FutureOr<T?> self, FutureOr<O?> other)) ValueStream<R?>
Combines another stream, passing unresolved Futures
debounced([Duration? duration]) ValueStream<T>
flatten([T? initialValue, bool filterNotNull = true]) Stream<T?>
listen(void onData(T item)) StreamSubscription
peek(void peek(T item)) ValueStream<T>
toSyncStream([void onChange(T value)?, String? name]) SyncStream<T>
where(Predicate<T?> predicate) ValueStream<T>
Filters the entire stream, including the current element
whereNotNull() ValueStream<T>