ChatErrorCode enum Null safety

Complete list of errors that are returned by the API together with the description and API code.





undefinedToken → const ChatErrorCode

Unauthenticated, token not defined

const ChatErrorCode(0)
inputError → const ChatErrorCode

Wrong data/parameter is sent to the API

const ChatErrorCode(1)
duplicateUsername → const ChatErrorCode

Duplicate username is sent while enforce_unique_usernames is enabled

const ChatErrorCode(2)
messageTooLong → const ChatErrorCode

Message is too long

const ChatErrorCode(3)
eventNotSupported → const ChatErrorCode

Event is not supported

const ChatErrorCode(4)
channelFeatureNotSupported → const ChatErrorCode

The feature is currently disabled on the dashboard (i.e. Reactions & Replies)

const ChatErrorCode(5)
multipleNestling → const ChatErrorCode

Multiple Levels Reply is not supported the API only supports 1 level deep reply threads

const ChatErrorCode(6)
customCommandEndpointCall → const ChatErrorCode

Custom Command handler returned an error

const ChatErrorCode(7)
customCommandEndpointMissing → const ChatErrorCode

App config does not have custom_action_handler_url

const ChatErrorCode(8)
authenticationError → const ChatErrorCode

Unauthenticated, problem with authentication

const ChatErrorCode(9)
tokenExpired → const ChatErrorCode

Unauthenticated, token expired

const ChatErrorCode(10)
tokenBeforeIssuedAt → const ChatErrorCode

Unauthenticated, token date incorrect

const ChatErrorCode(11)
tokenNotValid → const ChatErrorCode

Unauthenticated, token not valid yet

const ChatErrorCode(12)
tokenSignatureInvalid → const ChatErrorCode

Unauthenticated, token signature invalid

const ChatErrorCode(13)
accessKeyError → const ChatErrorCode

Access Key invalid

const ChatErrorCode(14)
notAllowed → const ChatErrorCode

Unauthorised / forbidden to make request

const ChatErrorCode(15)
appSuspended → const ChatErrorCode

App suspended

const ChatErrorCode(16)
cooldownError → const ChatErrorCode

User tried to post a message during the cooldown period

const ChatErrorCode(17)
doesNotExist → const ChatErrorCode

Resource not found

const ChatErrorCode(18)
requestTimeout → const ChatErrorCode

Request timed out

const ChatErrorCode(19)
payloadTooBig → const ChatErrorCode

Payload too big

const ChatErrorCode(20)
rateLimitError → const ChatErrorCode

Too many requests in a certain time frame

const ChatErrorCode(21)
maximumHeaderSizeExceeded → const ChatErrorCode

Request headers are too large

const ChatErrorCode(22)
internalSystemError → const ChatErrorCode

Something goes wrong in the system

const ChatErrorCode(23)
noAccessToChannels → const ChatErrorCode

No access to requested channels

const ChatErrorCode(24)


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index int
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noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
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toString() String
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operator ==(Object other) bool
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values → const List<ChatErrorCode>
A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.
[undefinedToken, inputError, duplicateUsername, messageTooLong, eventNotSupported, channelFeatureNotSupported, multipleNestling, customCommandEndpointCall, customCommandEndpointMissing, authentication…