showChoicesCheckBoxDialog<T> function

Future<List<T>> showChoicesCheckBoxDialog<T>(
  1. BuildContext context,
  2. {Widget title,
  3. Widget content,
  4. @required List<DialogChoice<T>> choices,
  5. Widget cancelWidget,
  6. Widget confirmWidget,
  7. bool barrierDismissible = false,
  8. Color barrierColor,
  9. bool useSafeArea = true,
  10. bool useRootNavigator = true,
  11. RouteSettings routeSettings}

Displays a dialog with the choices informed in the parameter choices using checkboxes.

To close the dialog, the user must select one or more choices listed on the screen and click on the OK action, or when theCancel button is clicked.

Example of using the dialog:

String result = await showChoicesRadioDialog<String>(context,
    title: Text('Select user'),
    choices: [
            icon: Icon(Icons.person),
            title: Text('Ricardo Crescenti'),
            subtitle: Text(''),
            value: 'ricardo.crescenti'),
            icon: Icon(Icons.person),
            title: Text('Ana Luiza Crescenti'),
            subtitle: Text(''),
            value: 'analuiza.crescenti'),
            icon: Icon(Icons.person),
            title: Text('Luis Otavio Crescenti'),
            subtitle: Text(''),
            value: 'luisotavio.crescenti'),

if (result != null) {
    showBasicDialog(context, title: Text('Selected user'), content: Text(result));


Future<List<T>> showChoicesCheckBoxDialog<T>(BuildContext context,
    {Widget title,
    Widget content,
    @required List<DialogChoice<T>> choices,
    Widget cancelWidget,
    Widget confirmWidget,
    bool barrierDismissible = false,
    Color barrierColor,
    bool useSafeArea = true,
    bool useRootNavigator = true,
    RouteSettings routeSettings}) async {
  List<T> result = await _showChoicesDialog<T>(context,
      title: title,
      content: content,
      choiceType: DialogChoicesType.checkBok,
      choices: choices,
      cancelWidget: cancelWidget,
      okWidget: confirmWidget,
      barrierDismissible: barrierDismissible,
      barrierColor: barrierColor,
      useSafeArea: useSafeArea,
      useRootNavigator: useRootNavigator,
      routeSettings: routeSettings);

  return (result != null && result.isNotEmpty ? result : null);