clickCount property Null safety

int clickCount

Indicates whether or not the mouse down event is part of a multi-click sequence.

This parameter will be zero for all mouse events other than MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, MouseEvent.MIDDLE_MOUSE_DOWN, MouseEvent.MIDDLE_MOUSE_UP, MouseEvent.RIGHT_MOUSE_DOWN, and MouseEvent.RIGHT_MOUSE_UP. Listening for single clicks, double clicks, or any multi-click sequence is possible with the clickCount parameter.

For example, an initial MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN and MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP will have a clickCount of 1, and the second MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN and MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP in a double-click sequence will have a clickCount of 2. If the mouse moves sufficiently or the multi-click sequence is interrupted for some reason, then the next MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN will have a clickCount of 1. The MouseEvent.DOUBLE_CLICK event will continue to fire as expected.


final int clickCount;