Dart library for Solana

This is the Solana library for dart using the JSON RPC API

Currently, it supports

  • Getting the balance in SOL of an address
  • Transferring SOL
  • Listing all the transactions for a given address
  • Generate a keypair from a 12 word mnemonic seed
  • Sign transactions with the SolanaWallet object

Our pub.dev package

We have the package published here if you like to use it in your project


You can find the documentation for the existing API right here

Publishing new version

  • Use conventional commits
  • Run melos version. This will create a new commit with automatic changelog. Push the commit with the tag to the repository via PR.


To run the tests you need to install the Solana Tool Suite and start the test validator by calling


You can also create an image from Dockerfile and run it.

Next steps

We are actively working on the library and adding features to as well as fixing bugs.

The very next step is to build a layer to use SPL tokens as a SolanaClient