sliver_table library Null safety


A sliver that displays a two dimensional scrollable (in both directions) grid of box children. The table consists of a horizontal top header, a vertical left header, and a rowsCount x colsCount grid of cells. The vertical header is pinned at the top edge of the table and displays colsCount cells that are horizontally scrollable. The horizontal header is pinned at the left side of the table and displays rowsCount cells that are vertically scrollable. The grid of cells can scroll both vertically and horizontally under the top and left headers respectively.


IndexedBackgroundBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, Widget child, int index, int length)
TableCellBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, int row, int col)
A builder function that creates a widget for a given position in a 2D grid of widgets.
WidgetContainerBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, Widget child)