A single item storage abstraction with CRUD operations. Use it for abstracting storage implementations, for testing, quickly swapping implementations, etc.

This package provides a few implementations, but it's intended to be just a base for you to implement and provide specific implementation - file, shared preferences or user defaults, etc. To create your own, implement Storage<E>

Base storage class definition:

    abstract class Storage<E> {
      Future<E> save(E item);
      Future<E?> get();
      Future<void> delete();

Provided implementations

In core module:

  • MemoryStorage - In-memory volatile implementation
  • CachedStorage - Wrapper implementation that adds caching capabilities. Use when you have time consuming or performance heavy operations.
  • ObservedStorage - Wrapper implementation that notifies listeners when the data changes.
  • StubStorage - Const implementation that won't store any items. Useful for default/null values.

In add-on modules:


CRUD Operations:

    Storage<String> storage = MemoryStorage<String>();
    // add/update item

    // retrieve item
    String? myItem = await itemStore.get();

    // delete item
    await storage.delete();

Mixing implementations

You can stack wrapper implementations to add behaviour.

    // The following sample will:
    // - use SharedPreferences to store data
    // - use in-memory cache when possible to save trips to the file system
    // - provide data change updates to subscribers to ObservedStorage
    ObservedStorage<Item> storage = ObservedStorage(CachedStorage(SharedPrefsStorage(...)));