Request class

An HTTP request to be processed by a Shelf application.


Request(String method, Uri requestedUri, {String? protocolVersion, Map<String, Object>? headers, String? handlerPath, Uri? url, Object? body, Encoding? encoding, Map<String, Object>? context, void onHijack(void (StreamChannel<List<int>>))?})
Creates a new Request.


canHijack bool
Whether this request can be hijacked.
no setter
contentLength int?
The contents of the content-length field in headers.
no setterinherited
context Map<String, Object>
Extra context that can be used by for middleware and handlers.
encoding Encoding?
The encoding of the message body.
no setterinherited
handlerPath String
The URL path to the current handler.
hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
no setterinherited
headers Map<String, String>
The HTTP headers with case-insensitive keys.
no setterinherited
headersAll Map<String, List<String>>
The HTTP headers with multiple values with case-insensitive keys.
no setterinherited
ifModifiedSince DateTime?
If this is non-null and the requested resource hasn't been modified since this date and time, the server should return a 304 Not Modified response.
no setter
isEmpty bool
If true, the stream returned by read won't emit any bytes.
no setterinherited
method String
The HTTP request method, such as "GET" or "POST".
mimeType String?
The MIME type of the message.
no setterinherited
protocolVersion String
The HTTP protocol version used in the request, either "1.0" or "1.1".
requestedUri Uri
The original Uri for the request.
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
no setterinherited
url Uri
The URL path from the current handler to the requested resource, relative to handlerPath, plus any query parameters.


change({Map<String, Object?>? headers, Map<String, Object?>? context, String? path, Object? body}) Request
Creates a new Request by copying existing values and applying specified changes.
hijack(void callback(StreamChannel<List<int>>)) → Never
Takes control of the underlying request socket.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a nonexistent method or property is accessed.
read() Stream<List<int>>
Returns a Stream representing the body.
readAsString([Encoding? encoding]) Future<String>
Returns a Future containing the body as a String.
toString() String
A string representation of this object.


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.