serverpod_auth_google_flutter library


A circular image that represents a user, based on a UserInfo or UserInfoPublic. If the user info is missing a link to an image, a default gray circle with a user icon is used. The image is cached between sessions.
Implementation of a Serverpod AuthenticationKeyManager specifically for Flutter. Authentication key is stored in the SharedPreferences.
Use the image uploader to upload avatars associated with a users account.
The SessionManager keeps track of and manages the signed-in state of the user. Use the instance method to get access to the singleton instance. Users are typically authenticated with Google, Apple, or other methods. Please refer to the documentation to see supported methods. Session information is stored in the shared preferences of the app and persists between restarts of the app.
Concrete implementation of the Storage used by the key manager.
Sign in with Google button. When pressed, attempts to sign in with Google.
State for Sign in with Google button.
Abstract class for storage used by the key manager.
A circular user image button. When pressed, the user is allowed to upload a new user image to the server.
Simple user settings display, can currently only be used to edit the user's image.
State for user settings display.


showLoadingBarrier({required BuildContext context}) → void
Shows an non-dismissible barrier with a CircularProgressIndicator. Used to show progress and block user input when signing in.
signInWithGoogle(Caller caller, {bool debug = false, String? clientId, String? serverClientId, List<String> additionalScopes = const [], required Uri redirectUri}) Future<UserInfo?>
Attempts to Sign in with Google. If successful, a UserInfo is returned. If the attempt is not a success, null is returned.