Flutter slider selection with wave effect.


A selection_wave_slider in Flutter is a material design widget utilized for choosing a scope of values. It is an information widget where we can set a range of values by dragging or pushing the ideal position. and also can draggable possition to the bootom. Typically, we utilize the slider widget for changing a value. Along these lines, it is needed to store the value in a variable. This widget has a slider class that requires the onChanged() work. This capacity will be called at whatever point we change the slider position.

Getting Started

Add dependancy to your pubspec.yaml

  selection_wave_slider: any


optionToChoosetruelist of string (list size must be less than 10)
onSelectedtruecall back provide selected value
sliderHeightfalseSlider Height
toolTipBackgroundColorfalseTool tip background color
toolTipBorderColorfalseTool tip border color
toolTipTextStylefalseTool tip text style
dragButtonColorfalseDraggable object color
selectedfalseinitial selected value
dragButtonfalsecustom drag widget
sliderColorfalseSlider color
sliderPointColorfalseColor of point present on slider
sliderPointBorderColorfalsedraggable object border color


              dragButton: Container(
                color: Colors.blue,
              sliderHeight: 80,
              sliderPointColor: Colors.blue,
              sliderPointBorderColor: Colors.orange,
              sliderColor: Colors.red,
              toolTipBackgroundColor: Colors.yellow,
              toolTipBorderColor: Colors.green,
              toolTipTextStyle: TextStyle(
                color: Colors.green,
                fontSize: 14,
                fontWeight: FontWeight.w500,
              onSelected: (value) {
              optionToChoose: [
                "May Be",