search_delegate_flutter library Null safety


chains multiple Searches together and shows the values that all of the conditions met. note that all of the Node based and Delegate based classes' initialValue can be changed. that will also effect the further comparisons and searches.
Delegate<T, V>
Pair<T, V>
SearchDelegate<T, V>
base class for search delegates. handles adding listeners, notifying listeners and initializng shown and items. can be used for a simple search.
TreeNodeData<T, V>
A search delegate for complicated searches. It is for objects to meet specific conditions. This class is multiple factor searching, meaning that when not one but many different conditions individualy qualifies for the result this class handles them. it has a _TreeSearchNode as start node.


it is for determining _TreeSearchNode to how to handle _TreeSearchNode.inShwon method. ALL means all of the sub-nodes have to return true for value to be in shown, ONLY means only one of the sub-nodes returning true is enough, and NONE is non of the sub-nodes returning true.


SearchDelegateListener<T> = void Function(Iterable<T> shown)