load method

ImporterResult? load(
  1. Uri url

Loads the Sass text for the given url, or returns null if this importer can't find the stylesheet it refers to.

The url comes from a call to canonicalize for this importer.

When Sass encounters an @import rule in a stylesheet, it first calls canonicalize and load on the importer that first loaded that stylesheet with the imported URL resolved relative to the stylesheet's original URL. If either of those returns null, it then calls canonicalize and load on each importer in order with the URL as it appears in the @import rule.

If the importer finds a stylesheet at url but it fails to load for some reason, or if url is uniquely associated with this importer but doesn't refer to a real stylesheet, the importer may throw an exception that will be wrapped by Sass. If the exception object has a message property, it will be used as the wrapped exception's message; otherwise, the exception object's toString() will be used. This means it's safe for importers to throw plain strings.


ImporterResult? load(Uri url) => FilesystemImporter.cwd.load(url);