Value Topic

Classes that represent Sass values. These are passed to and returned by user-defined Callables that are passed to functions like compileToResult().


CalculationInterpolation Value
A string injected into a SassCalculation using interpolation. [...]
CalculationOperation Value
A binary operation that can appear in a SassCalculation.
CalculationOperator Value
An enumeration of possible operators for CalculationOperation.
ListSeparator Value
An enum of list separator types.
SassArgumentList Value
A SassScript argument list. [...]
SassBoolean Value
A SassScript boolean value.
SassCalculation Value
A SassScript calculation. [...]
SassColor Value
A SassScript color.
SassFunction Value
A SassScript function reference. [...]
SassList Value
A SassScript list.
SassMap Value
A SassScript map.
SassNumber Value
A SassScript number. [...]
SassString Value
A SassScript string. [...]
Value Value
A SassScript value. [...]


sassFalse → const SassBoolean Value
The SassScript false value. [...]
sassNull → const Value Value
The SassScript null value. [...]
sassTrue → const SassBoolean Value
The SassScript true value. [...]