rx_redux library


ReduxStoreStreamTransformer<A, S>
Transform stream of actions to stream of states.
RxReduxStore<A, S>
Rx Redux Store. Redux store based on Stream.


DispatchToExtension on A
Dispatch this action to store.
DispatchToStreamExtension on Stream<A>
Dispatch this actions Stream to store.
GetStateExtension on RxReduxStore<A, S>
Get current state synchronously. This is useful for filling initialData when using StreamBuilder in Flutter.
ReduxStoreExt on Stream<Action>
Redux store stream Extension for Stream of actions.
SelectorsExtension on RxReduxStore<Action, State>
Select a sub state slice from state stream of RxReduxStore.


rxReduxDefaultLogger → const RxReduxLogger
Default RxReduxLogger, print message to the console.


Equals<T> = bool Function(T previous, T next)
Determine equality.
ErrorHandler = void Function(Object error, StackTrace stackTrace)
Handle an error and the corresponding stack trace.
GetState<S> = S Function()
The GetState is basically just a deferred way to get a state of a ReduxStore stream at any given point in time. So you have to call this method to get the state.
Reducer<A, S> = S Function(S currentState, A newAction)
A simple type alias for a reducer function. A Reducer takes a State and an Action as input and produces a state as output.
RxReduxLogger = void Function(String message)
Logger that logs message such as action, state, etc...
SideEffect<A, S> = Stream<A> Function(Stream<A> actions, GetState<S> getState)
It is a function which takes a stream of actions and returns a stream of actions. Actions in, actions out (concept borrowed from redux-observable.js.or - so called epics).

Exceptions / Errors

ReducerException<A, S>
Exception thrown by reducer