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This is a library provide a simple roulette widget which usually used for lottery.


  • Quickly build roulettes

  • Build roulettes with different parts depends on the weight

  • Easily control the roll animation and settle position

  • There are two types of roulette provided by this package (text is optional):

    • Uniformed roulette:

      Uniformed with no text
    • Weight-based roulette:

      Weight based with text

Getting started


Build a Roulette widget

First, you need to create a RouletteController instance.

  group: RouletteGroup([
    // ...other units
  vsync: this // provide a TickerProvider here (usually by SingleTickerProviderStateMixin)

If you want to map some list data into a uniformed RouletteGroup, try the builder:

final values = <int>[ /* Some value */ ];
final group = RouletteGroup.uniform(
  textBuilder: (index) => (index + 1).toString(),
  textStyleBuilder: (index) {
    // Set the text style here!

controller = RouletteController(group: group, vsync: this);

Once you have a controller, you could add a Roulette widget into your widget tree:

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return Roulette(
    controller: controller, // provide your controller here
    style: RouletteStyle(
      // config the roulette's appearance here

Run the Roulette

Use roll method to run the roulette where you need to.

  onPressed: () => controller.rollTo(2), // provide the index you want to settle
  child: const Text('Roll!'),

You could await the rollTo method's finish and then make some other actions.

  onPressed: () async {
    await controller.rollTo(2);
    // TODO: Do something when roulette stopped here.
  child: const Text('Roll!'),

The rollTo method provides many options for you to control the rolling behavior, such as randomize the stop position:

final random = Random();

// ...

  onPressed: () async {
    await controller.rollTo(2, offset: random.nextDouble());
    // TODO: Do something when roulette stopped here.
  child: const Text('Roll!'),

For other options, please check the document for more information.

For detailed usage sample, please check the example.


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