highcharts is a wrapper of Highcharts in Dart.

Install from Dart Pub Repository

Include the following in your pubspec.yaml:

  rikulo_highcharts: any

Then run the Pub Package Manager in Dart Editor (Tool > Pub Install). If you are using a different editor, run the command (comes with the Dart SDK):

pub install


Add this lines to the main html of your application (index.html) in the head section.

<script src="your-js-lib/highcharts.js"></script>

You can create a chart object and chart model.

import 'dart:html';
import 'package:rikulo_highcharts/rikulo_highcharts.dart';

main() {
  ColumnChart chart = new ColumnChart();

  CategoryModel<String, String> model = new DefaultCategoryModel<String, String>();
  model.setValue('Tokyo', 'Jan', 16);
  model.setValue('Tokyo', 'Feb', 6);
  model.setValue('Tokyo', 'Mar', 6);
  model.setValue('Tokyo', 'Apr', 3);

  model.setValue('New York', 'Jan', 18);
  model.setValue('New York', 'Feb', 12);
  model.setValue('New York', 'Mar', 9);
  model.setValue('New York', 'Apr', 14);

  chart.model = model;

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

Who Uses

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