Research Package

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Research Package is a Flutter package for building research study apps on Android and iOS using Flutter.

Research Package is a Flutter implementation of the Apple ResearchKit available for iOS (just like ResearchStack is for Android). The overarching goal of ResearchPackage is to enable developers and researchers to design and build cross-platform (iOS and Android) research applications using the same codebase.

Research Package is designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of most scientific research, including capturing participant consent, extensible input tasks, and the security and privacy needs necessary for IRB approval. The main features of Research Package are:

Research Package is part of the overall CACHET Research Platform (CARP) with also provides a Flutter package for mobile and wearable sensing called CARP Mobile Sensing. The CACHET Pulmonary Monitor app shows how mobile sensing can be combined with collection of survery data from users.


There is a set of tutorials, describing:

The Research Package Flutter API is available (and maintained) as part of the package release at

Example Application

There is an example app which demonstrates the different features of Research Package as implemented in a Flutter app.

Who is backing this project?

Research Package is made by the Copenhagen Center for Health Technology (CACHET) and is an important component in the CACHET Research Platform (CARP), which is used in a number of applications and studies. The current project maintainers are Mads Vedel Saaby Christensen and Jakob E. Bardram.

How can I contribute?

We are more than happy to take contributions and feedback. Use the Issues page to file an issue or feature request. Besides general help for enhacement and quality assurance (bug fixing), we welcome input on new answer types.


This software is copyright (c) Copenhagen Center for Health Technology (CACHET) at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). This software is available 'as-is' under a MIT license.


The domain model part of Research Package. Contains the "building blocks" for creating surveys and obtaining informed consents. Holds the different types of result classes. Also responsible for the streams and BLoC classes to provide communication channels between different parts of the package. (BlocQuestion, BlocTask) For the UI representations of the classes visit the research_package_ui library.
The UI library of Research Package.