render_metrics library


An object with data on the difference of render metrics between two objects RenderData
Widget metric data class. yTop - top Y position relative to the screen. yBottom - lower Y position relative to the screen. yCenter - center Y position relative to the screen. xLeft - left X position relative to the screen. xRight - right X position relative to the screen. xCenter - center X position relative to the screen. width - element width. height - element height. topLeft - upper left coordinate. topRight - upper right coordinate. bottomLeft - lower left coordinate. bottomRight - lower right coordinate. center - central coordinate. topCenter - upper center coordinate. bottomCenter - lower central coordinate. centerLeft - center left coordinate. centerRight - center right coordinate.
Base class for rendering interaction managers.
RenderBox for getting widget metrics extends RenderProxyBox which extends RenderObject. data - getter for receiving data in the instance RenderData.
RenderObjectWidget for getting widget metrics. id - widget id. manager - an instance of the RenderManager for getting and processing metrics. onMount - mount / create instance callback RenderMetricsObject. onUpdate - called in the updateRenderObject method, update RenderMetricsObject. onUnMount - unmounted / uninstall instance callback RenderMetricsObject.
Manager class extending RenderManager. Contains a collection of mounted RenderMetricsBox and provides methods for working with it.


MountCallback<T> = void Function(T id, RenderMetricsBox box)
Mount / create instance callback RenderMetricsObject.
UnMountCallback<T> = void Function(T id)
Unmounted / uninstall instance callback RenderMetricsObject.