dynamicReflectedType property Null safety

Type dynamicReflectedType

If hasDynamicReflectedType returns true, returns the Type object representing the fully dynamic instantiation of this class if it is generic, and return the Type object representing this class if it is not generic. If hasDynamicReflectedType returns false it throws an UnsupportedError. The fully dynamic instantiation of a generic class C is the application of C to a type argument list of the appropriate length where every argument is dynamic. For instance, the fully dynamic instantiation of List and Map is List<dynamic> respectively Map<dynamic, dynamic>.

Required capabilities: dynamicReflectedType can be invoked iff hasDynamicReflectedType returns true. However, capabilities can be used to extend the set of situations where hasDynamicReflectedType returns true, by having a reflectedTypeCapability in the reflector for this ClassMirror.


Type get dynamicReflectedType;