Store<State> constructor

  1. Reducer<State> reducer,
  2. {required State initialState,
  3. List<Middleware<State>> middleware = const [],
  4. bool syncStream = false,
  5. bool distinct = false}

Creates an instance of a Redux Store.

The reducer argument specifies how the state should be changed in response to dispatched actions.

The optional initialState argument defines the State of the store when the Store is first created.

The optional middleware argument takes a list of Middleware functions or MiddlewareClass. See the Middleware documentation for information on how they are used.

The syncStream argument allows you to use a synchronous StreamController instead of an async StreamController under the hood. By default, the Stream is async.


  this.reducer, {
  required State initialState,
  List<Middleware<State>> middleware = const [],
  bool syncStream = false,

  /// If set to true, the Store will not emit onChange events if the new State
  /// that is returned from your [reducer] in response to an Action is equal
  /// to the previous state.
  /// Under the hood, it will use the `==` method from your State class to
  /// determine whether or not the two States are equal.
  bool distinct = false,
}) : _changeController = StreamController.broadcast(sync: syncStream) {
  _state = initialState;
  _dispatchers = _createDispatchers(