redux library


Defines a Middleware using a Class interface.
Defines a Reducer using a class interface.
Creates a Redux store that holds the app state tree.
TypedMiddleware<State, Action>
A convenience type for binding a piece of Middleware to an Action of a specific type. Allows for Type Safe Middleware and reduces boilerplate.
TypedReducer<State, Action>
A convenience class for binding Reducers to Actions of a given Type. This allows for type safe Reducers and reduces boilerplate.


combineReducers<State>(Iterable<Reducer<State>> reducers) Reducer<State>
Defines a utility function that combines several reducers.


Middleware<State> = dynamic Function(Store<State> store, dynamic action, NextDispatcher next)
A function that intercepts actions and potentially transform actions before they reach the reducer.
NextDispatcher = dynamic Function(dynamic action)
The contract between one piece of middleware and the next in the chain. Use it to send the current action in your Middleware to the next piece of Middleware in the chain.
Reducer<State> = State Function(State state, dynamic action)
Defines an application's state change