Dart code generator that generates RealmObject classes based on Realm data model classes using naming conventions.

This package is part of the official Realm Flutter and Realm Dart SDKs


  • Add a dependency to realm package or realm_dart package to your application
  • Run flutter pub run build_runner build or dart run build_runner build to generate RealmObjects


Every dart class defined as class _ClassName that defines at least a single field with @RealmProperty annotation is considered a Realm data model class and the code generator will generate a RealmObject class that can be used with Realm Flutterâ„¢ and Realm Dartâ„¢.

  • The dart file containg Realm schema classes needs to have a part defintion name in the format part "filename.g.dart". For example: In file cars.dart there should be a part definition part "cars.g.dart"

  • The underscore in the class name is requried by convention. class _Car.

  • Every field that references another RealmObject must use the schema class name of that RealmObject. For example _Car secondCar.

  • The generator will infer the Realm type from the dart type of the annotated @RealmProperty field String make is Realm string.

  • The @RealmProperty annotation has a type: property which can be used to override the type inference if needed.


Filename: cars.dart

part "cars.g.dart"

class _Car {
  String make;

  @RealmProperty(type: "string")
  String model;

  @RealmProperty(defaultValue: "50", optional: true)
  String kilometers;

  @RealmProperty(optional: true, defaultValue: "5")
  _Car secondCar;

  @RealmProperty(optional: true)
  List<_Car> allOtherCars;

Generated output fileName cars.g.dart


part of 'cars.dart';

// **************************************************************************
// RealmObjectGenerator
// **************************************************************************

class Car extends RealmObject {
  Car._constructor() : super.constructor();
  Car() {}

  String get make => super['make'];
  set make(String value) => super['make'] = value;

  @RealmProperty(type: 'string')
  String get model => super['model'];
  set model(String value) => super['model'] = value;

  @RealmProperty(defaultValue: '50', optional: true)
  String get kilometers => super['kilometers'];
  set kilometers(String value) => super['kilometers'] = value;

  @RealmProperty(optional: true, defaultValue: '5')
  Car get secondCar => super['secondCar'];
  set secondCar(Car value) => super['secondCar'] = value;

  @RealmProperty(optional: true)
  List<Car> get allOtherCars => this.super_get<Car>('allOtherCars');
  set allOtherCars(List<Car> value) => this.super_set<Car>('allOtherCars', value);

  static dynamic schema() {
    return RealmObject.getSchema('Car', [
      new SchemaProperty('make', type: 'string'),
      new SchemaProperty('model', type: 'string'),
      new SchemaProperty('kilometers', type: 'string', defaultValue: '50', optional: true),
      new SchemaProperty('secondCar', type: 'Car', optional: true, defaultValue: '5'),
      new SchemaProperty('allOtherCars', type: 'Car[]', optional: true),


On first use .dart_tool/build/entrypoint/build.dart needs to be generated with pub run build_runer build

use a terminal to launch a debuggee with command dart --observe --pause-isolates-on-start --enable-vm-service:5858/ --disable-service-auth-codes .dart_tool/build/entrypoint/build.dart build to run build in example directory use: cd example && pub run build_runner build


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