Realm is a mobile database that runs directly inside phones, tablets or wearables. This repository holds the source code for the Realm SDK for Flutter™ and Dart™.

Developer Preview

This project is in Developer Preview stage, All API's might change without warning and no guarantees are given about stability. Do not use it in production.

Getting Started

  • Import Realm.

      import 'package:realm/realm.dart';
  • Define a data model class _Car.

      class _Car {
      @RealmProperty(primaryKey: true)
      String make;
      String model;
      @RealmProperty(defaultValue: "500", optional: true)
      int kilometers;
  • Generate Generates RealmObject class Car from data model class _Car.

      flutter pub run build_runner build
  • Open a Realm and add some objects.

      var config = Configuration();
      var realm = Realm(config);
      realm.write(() {
          var car = realm.create(Car()..make = "Tesla"..model = "Model Y"..kilometers = 42);
  • Query objects in Realm.

      var cars = realm.objects<Car>();
      Car myCar = objects[0];
      print("My car is ${myCar.make} ${myCar.model}");
      cars = realm.objects<Car>().where("make == 'Tesla'");


For complete samples check the Realm Flutter and Dart Samples.


For API documentation go to

For complete Realm documentation consult the documentation of the Realm SDKs.


  • Realm Flutter Preview requires a custiom engine based on Flutter 2.0 with minimum changes. This will not be required in future versions of the SDK. More information can be found here.

  • Realm Dart Preview package realm_dart can not be used with the Dart SDK 2.12 shippied with Flutter 2.0 since Flutter downloads a custom version of Dart SDK instead of using the official Dart SDK build and this custom version has issues loading native binaries. Instead an official Dart SDK 2.12 installation is needed in PATH.

  • The preview version of Realm SDK for Flutter and Dart allows working with a local only (on device) Realm database in Flutter and Dart desktop. Realm Sync functionality is not implemented.

  • It provides the functionality for creating, retrieving, querying, sorting, filtering, updating Realm objects and supports change notifications.

  • Flutter Hot Reload is available only when running on the Android x86 Emulator and iOS Simulator.

  • Running on a real Android device always includes the libraries in release mode.

  • New projects for iOS can not be created with flutter create. As a workaround modify the sample project provider_shopper in Realm Flutter and Dart Samples.

Realm Flutter SDK

Environment setup for Realm Flutter

  • Supported platforms are Flutter for iOS (simulator), Android Emulator and Android devices.

  • Flutter 2.0.0 stable ref: 60bd88d date:3/3/2021

    This version be downloaded from here

      flutter --version
      Flutter 2.0.0 • channel stable •
      Framework • revision 60bd88df91 (3 weeks ago) • 2021-03-03 09:13:17 -0800
      Engine • revision 40441def69
      Tools • Dart 2.12.0


  • Add realm package dependency in the pubspec.yaml of the Flutter application.

          realm: ^0.1.0+preview
  • Enable generation of RealmObjects.

    • Add build_runner package to dev_dependencies.

          build_runner: ^1.10.0
    • Enable realm_generator by adding a build.yaml file to the application.

                        enabled: true
                            - lib/*.dart 
    • Import Realm in a dart file (ex. catalog.dart).

        import 'package:realm/realm.dart';
    • Declare a part file catalog.g.dart in the begining of the catalog.dart dart file after all imports.

        import 'dart:io';
        part 'catalog.g.dart'
    • Create a data model class

        class _Item {
            @RealmProperty(primaryKey: true)
            int id;
            String name;
            @RealmProperty(defaultValue: '42')
            int price;
    • Run build_runner to generate RealmObject class Item from data model class _Item.

        flutter pub run build_runner build

      A new file catalog.g.dart will be created next to the catalog.dart.

      *This file should be committed in source control

    • Use the RealmObject class Item with Realm.

        // Create a Configuration object
        var config = Configuration();
        // Add RealmObjects to the configuration schema
        // Opean a Realm
        realm = Realm(config);
        // Open a write transaction
        realm.write(() {
            realm.create(Item() = = 'Item'..price = 20);
        // Get objects from the realm
        // Get all objects
        var items = realm.objects<Item>();
        // Get object by index
        var item = items[5];
        // Get object by primary key
        var primaryKey = 0;
        var itemByKey = realm.find<Item>(primaryKey);
        // Filter and sort object
        var objects = realm.objects<Item>().where("name == 'Special Item'").sort("price");;

Realm Dart SDK

Environment setup for Realm Dart

  • Supported platforms are Windows and Mac.

  • Dart SDK 2.12 stable needs to be in the PATH env variable.

    Do not use the Dart SDK downloaded with Flutter 2.0 since it has issues and will not be able to run the realm_dart package correctly

    Download Dart SDK 2.12 stable from here unzip it and add the directory to the PATH before the Flutter path.

    • On Mac
      export /Users/<YOUR_PATH>/dart-sdk.2.12.0/bin:$PATH
    • On Windows
      set PATH=C:\<YOUR_PATH>\dartsdk-windows-x64-release-2.12.0\bin;%PATH% 


  • Add realm_dart package dependency in the pubspec.yaml of the Dart application.

          realm_dart: ^0.1.0+preview
  • Windows only Install the realm_dart package into the application.

      pub run realm_dart install
  • Enable generation of Realm schema objects.

    • Add build_runner package to dev_dependencies.

          build_runner: ^1.10.0
    • Enable realm_generator by adding a build.yaml file to the application.

                        enabled: true
                            - bin/*.dart 
  • Run the build_runner to generate RealmObjects classes from Realm data model classes.

      dart run build_runner build


For usage see the Realm Flutter usage above

Building the source

Realm Flutter

Build the native Android binary

/android> gradlew externalNativeBuildDebug

Realm Dart

Buildign Realm Dart package for Windows

cmake.exe -A x64 -DCMAKE_CONFIGURATION_TYPES:STRING="Release" -S . -B out
cmake --build out --config Release

Building Realm Dart package for Mac

cmake -G Ninja  -S . -B out
cmake --build out --config Release


Realm Flutter and Dart SDK packages follow Semantic Versioning During the initial development the packages will be versioned according the scheme 0.major.minor+release stage until the first stable version is reached then packages will be versioned with major.minor.patch scheme.

The first versions will follow 0.1.0+preview, 0.1.1+preview etc. Then next release stage will pick up the next minor version 0.1.2+beta, 0.1.3+beta. This will ensure dependencies are updated on pub get with the new beta versions. If an alpha version is released before beta and it needs to not be considered for pub get then it should be marked as prerelease with -alpha so 0.1.2-alpha etc. Updating the major version with every release stage is also possible - 0.2.0+beta, 0.2.1+beta.

The "Dart" name and logo and the "Flutter" name and logo are trademarks owned by Google.


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