Realm is a mobile database that runs directly inside phones, tablets or wearables. This repository holds the source code for the Realm SDK for Flutterâ„¢ and Dartâ„¢.

This project is in the Alpha stage. All API's might change without warning and no guarantees are given about stability. Do not use it in production.

Getting Started

To use the Realm SDK for Flutter add the realm package to your pubspec.yaml dependencies.

To use the Realm SDK for Dart add the realm_dart package to your pubspec.yaml dependencies.

  • Import Realm.

    import 'package:realm/realm.dart';
  • Define a data model class _Car.

    class _Car {
      late String make;
      late String model;
      int? kilometers = 500;
  • Generate RealmObject class Car from data model class _Car.

    dart run realm generate
  • Open a Realm and add some objects.

    var config = Configuration([Car.schema]);
    var realm = Realm(config);
    var car = Car("Telsa", "Model Y", kilometers: 5);
    realm.write(() {
  • Query objects in Realm.

    var cars = realm.all<Car>();
    Car myCar = cars[0];
    print("My car is ${myCar.make} model ${myCar.model}");
    cars = realm.all<Car>().query("make == 'Tesla'");


For API documentation go to

For a complete documentation go to Realm Flutter and Dart SDK Docs.

The "Dart" name and logo and the "Flutter" name and logo are trademarks owned by Google.


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