wrapper for cached network image but with additional features

how to use

/// only the path property is required
        path: //url or just file name as the there is a global url resolver that can handle the url,
        height: /// image height,
        width: /// image width
        queryParameters: /// query parameters to be added to the url,
        resolveUrl: /// url resolver to override the global one,
        imageRenderMethodForWeb: /// how web images can be handled,
        errorPlaceholder: /// widget in case of error,
        loadingPlaceholder: /// widget while loading,
        foregroundDecoration: /// decoration to be applied above the image,
        decoration: /// decoration behind the image,
        outerDecoration:/// decoration behind the image and its decoration ,
        outerPadding: /// the padding between the outer decoration and the image decoration,
        innerPadding: /// padding between the image and its decoration,
        fit: /// ,
        headers:/// headers to be passed ,
        cacheManager:/// image cacheManager ,
        forceForegroundRadiusSameAsBackground: /// if true will override the foreground border radius to be the sme as background,

You can also configure these properties globally so that all images in your app can have the same shape

/// all of these properties are optional
        resolveUrl: (context, path) => Uri.parse('http://someurl/$path'),
        imageRenderMethodForWeb: ,
        errorPlaceholder: ,
        loadingPlaceholder: ,
        foregroundDecoration: ,
        decoration: ,
        outerDecoration: ,
        outerPadding: EdgeInsetsDirectional.only(start: 20),
        innerPadding: ,
        fit: ,
        headers: ,
        cacheManager: ,
        forceForegroundRadiusSameAsBackground: ,
         child: MaterialApp(),

this alow has its own hero image which animate all of its decoration while navigating from one screen to other


in some cases you may need to create an image provider not the image it self like in container background

this will allow to make benefit of global configuration

      decoration: BoxDecoration(image: context.readyImageDecoration(path: 'path')),

      backgroundImage: context.readyImageProvider(path: 'path'),

See the other packages in ready