react_client library


Creates a ReactJS virtual DOM instance (ReactElement on the client).
ReactDartComponentFactoryProxy<TComponent extends Component>
Creates ReactJS Component instances for Dart components.
Creates ReactJS ReactElement instances for DOM components.
A virtual instance of a React component that is returned by component factories and Component.render methods, and passed into react.render. [...]


emptyJsMap EmptyObject
Deprecated. Will be removed in the 5.0.0 release. [...]
@Deprecated('5.0.0'), final
inReactDevMode → bool
Whether the "dev" build of react.js is being used. [...]


listifyChildren(dynamic children) → dynamic
Prepares children to be passed to the ReactJS React.createElement and the Dart react.Component. [...]
setClientConfiguration() → void
syntheticClipboardEventFactory(SyntheticClipboardEvent e) SyntheticClipboardEvent
Wrapper for SyntheticClipboardEvent.
syntheticDataTransferFactory(SyntheticDataTransfer dt) SyntheticDataTransfer
Wrapper for SyntheticDataTransfer.
syntheticEventFactory(SyntheticEvent e) SyntheticEvent
Wrapper for SyntheticEvent.
syntheticFocusEventFactory(SyntheticFocusEvent e) SyntheticFocusEvent
Wrapper for SyntheticFocusEvent.
syntheticFormEventFactory(SyntheticFormEvent e) SyntheticFormEvent
Wrapper for SyntheticFormEvent.
syntheticKeyboardEventFactory(SyntheticKeyboardEvent e) SyntheticKeyboardEvent
Wrapper for SyntheticKeyboardEvent.
syntheticMouseEventFactory(SyntheticMouseEvent e) SyntheticMouseEvent
Wrapper for SyntheticMouseEvent.
syntheticTouchEventFactory(SyntheticTouchEvent e) SyntheticTouchEvent
Wrapper for SyntheticTouchEvent.
syntheticUIEventFactory(SyntheticUIEvent e) SyntheticUIEvent
Wrapper for SyntheticUIEvent.
syntheticWheelEventFactory(SyntheticWheelEvent e) SyntheticWheelEvent
Wrapper for SyntheticWheelEvent.
unconvertJsEventHandler(Function jsConvertedEventHandler) → Function
Returns the original Dart handler function that, within _convertEventHandlers, was converted/wrapped into the function jsConvertedEventHandler to be passed to the JS. [...]
unconvertJsProps(dynamic instance) → Map
Returns the props for a ReactElement or composite ReactComponent instance, shallow-converted to a Dart Map for convenience. [...]


ComponentFactory() Component
ReactComponentFactory(Map props, [ dynamic children ]) ReactElement
Deprecated. Will be removed in the 5.0.0 release. Use ReactComponentFactoryProxy instead. [...]
ReactJsComponentFactory(dynamic props, dynamic children) ReactElement