r_router library


Displays a menu when pressed and calls onSelected when the menu is dismissed because an item was selected. The value passed to onSelected is the value of the selected menu item. [...]
route observer


showRAboutDialog({String applicationName, String applicationVersion, Widget applicationIcon, String applicationLegalese, List<Widget> children}) → void
showRCupertinoDialog<T>({WidgetBuilder builder}) → Future<T>
showRCupertinoModalPopup<T>({WidgetBuilder builder, ImageFilter filter}) → Future<T>
Shows a modal iOS-style popup that slides up from the bottom of the screen. [...]
showRDatePicker({DateTime initialDate, DateTime firstDate, DateTime lastDate, SelectableDayPredicate selectableDayPredicate, DatePickerMode initialDatePickerMode: DatePickerMode.day, Locale locale, TextDirection textDirection, TransitionBuilder builder}) → Future<DateTime>
Shows a dialog containing a material design date picker. [...]
showRDialog<T>({bool barrierDismissible: true, WidgetBuilder builder}) → Future<T>
showRGeneralDialog<T>({RoutePageBuilder pageBuilder, bool barrierDismissible, String barrierLabel, Color barrierColor, Duration transitionDuration, RouteTransitionsBuilder transitionBuilder}) → Future<T>
showRLicensePage({String applicationName, String applicationVersion, Widget applicationIcon, String applicationLegalese}) → void
Displays a LicensePage, which shows licenses for software used by the application. [...]
showRMenu<T>({RelativeRect position, List<PopupMenuEntry<T>> items, T initialValue, double elevation, String semanticLabel, ShapeBorder shape, Color color, bool captureInheritedThemes: true}) → Future<T>
Show a popup menu that contains the items at position. [...]
showRModalBottomSheet<T>({WidgetBuilder builder, Color backgroundColor, double elevation, ShapeBorder shape, Clip clipBehavior, bool isScrollControlled: false, bool isDismissible: true}) → Future<T>
Shows a modal material design bottom sheet. [...]
showRSearch<T>({SearchDelegate<T> delegate, String query: ''}) → Future<T>
Shows a full screen search page and returns the search result selected by the user when the page is closed. [...]
showRTimePicker({TimeOfDay initialTime, TransitionBuilder builder}) → Future<TimeOfDay>
Shows a dialog containing a material design time picker. [...]
transResult({String path, Map<String, dynamic> arguments, bool replace, bool clearTrace}) → Future
transform result


PopupMenuCanceled() → void
Signature for the callback invoked when a PopupMenuButton is dismissed without selecting an item. [...]
PopupMenuItemBuilder<T>(BuildContext context) → List<PopupMenuEntry<T>>
Signature used by PopupMenuButton to lazily construct the items shown when the button is pressed. [...]
PopupMenuItemSelected<T>(T value) → void
Signature for the callback invoked when a menu item is selected. The argument is the value of the PopupMenuItem that caused its menu to be dismissed. [...]
RRouterNotFountPage(String path) Widget
not fount page widget
RRouterPageBuilder<T>(RouteSettings setting, WidgetBuilder builder) PageRoute<T>
page builder
RRouterWidgetBuilder(dynamic params) Widget
widget builder

Exceptions / Errors

not found route exception